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Section 1

Your Full Name

Have you owned or had an interest in a business in the last five years?

Have you sold, disposed of, or transferred any assets in the past twelve months?

For which year was your last tax return filed?

Did you receive a refund?

Have you made any large or lump sum payments in excess of regular payments to a creditor in the past twelve months?

Have you had any assets seized by any creditor within the past twelve months?

Section 2

Have you sold or transferred any property in the past 5 years, either in

Have you made any gifts to a relative or other person that were of a value in excess of $500.00 in the past five years?

Do you expect to receive any money, other than your normal income, within the next 12 months?

Are you involved in a lawsuit from which you may receive monies or property?

Are there any legal actions, judgments, or garnishments outstanding against you?

Do you bank with a financial institution to which you owe money or do you have any automatic debits or post dated cheques for debt payments?

Have you obtained new credit in the last three months or used credit cards in the last three months?

Do you have any debts arising from;

Fine or penalty imposed by the court (including traffic fines)

Recognizance or bail bond

Fraud, embezzlement, obtaining property by false pretenses

Employment insurance overpayments

Additional Info

Has anyone co-signed any of your outstanding debts?

Have you co-signed or guaranteed a loan for anyone?

Do you have a safety deposit box?

Are you currently involved in a matrimonial dispute with respect to assets?

Are you storing any personal property which does not belong to you?

Did you receive a degree?