How We Help

Facing a Life or Debt Situation? 

Most people need to find more money each month to make ends meet. This can be done in many ways including lowering bills or increasing income. For this purpose, a monthly budget is a good place to start.

A big expense for most would be payments for multiple credit cards, lines of credit, personal loans and other unsecured debt like cell phone providers, past due bills with gyms, dentists and other personal services.

At Debt Managers, we have the service options to help restore your good credit and pay down debts if they become out of control. 

Debt Management You Can Manage 

The amount you pay depends on how much you can afford (after all living expenses have been allowed for) and how much your creditors will accept. As part of Debt Managers credit counselling and debt help services, we will negotiate new payment terms on your behalf. Debt Managers will then make the monthly or bi-monthly payments directly to your creditors as your payments are received and deposited to our trust account. You’ll find that DebtManager's Debt Management Program and  Debt Consolidation System, offers the benefits you’re looking for:

1. A substantially lower monthly payment brings you immediate debt relief. 
2. Only one payment each month (or a split payment) to cover all your financial obligations. 
3. Creditors and collectors will stop calling you. 
4. Eliminated or reduced interest costs (in most cases) to help you pay off all debt in less time. 
5. Gain control and management of your finances, ease of mind, and no more stress!

Make the call to our toll free number now: 1-800-774-5779, CHATLIVE or or have one of our professionals call you at your convenience.         

Consolidate Debt

Everyday Canadians struggle with their monthly payments robbing from Peter to pay Paul, living paycheck to paycheck, never knowing if you’re going to have enough to make it to the next pay. It’s a reality all too common but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

How We Help

Our debt counselling professionals will answer all of your questions and provide you with all of your options to consolidate. Remember there is never any pressure or obligation on your part to use our services. Its safe, 100% confidential and never any obligations. 

Free Assessment

Complete our free online assessment and have your options emailed directly to you. The assessment takes less than 10 minutes and your results are emailed to you within 24 hours.

Everyday thousands of people in Canada ask for help from debt professionals. You’re not alone!

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